Caprese Martini

> Caprese Martini - Galbani Cheese

Place salt and pepper on a small plate. Rim a martini glass with the lemon or lime wedge, turn upside down and coat the rim with salt and pepper by lightly pressing on the plate. Repeat with a second glass.

Pour 0.5 oz. of the balsamic glaze into the bottom of each glass. Set aside.

In a shaker half full of ice, place 4 basil leaves and 8 oz. of vodka or gin. Cover and shake vigorously, remove cap, add tomato juice, close and shake again.

Pour equal amounts into each glass.

Alternate a cherry tomato, folded basil leaf and Galbani® Ciliegine Fresh Mozzarella Ball on each skewer, and repeat. Place on the rim of each glass as a garnish.

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