Meet Chef Marco

Chef Marco is a brand ambassador for Galbani cheese. He blends artistry and expertise in the culinary realm. Hailing from a rich culinary background, his innovative recipes highlight the versatility of Galbani cheeses and easy-to-make Italian-style dishes. With a commitment to excellence, Chef Marco’s creations not only tantalize taste buds but also celebrate the heritage and tradition of Galbani cheese.

In 1988, Chef Marco (Mark Sciortino) opened his first restaurant Marco’s Italian Restaurant in Buffalo, NY becoming the youngest restaurant owner in Western New York. He has created and served traditional, family-favorite Italian dishes for over 35 years. Chef Marco is also known as the “Sangwich King” because of his Marco’s Italian Deli which is “Home of the Original SANGWICH!”

Chef Marco & Lactalis

Lactalis American Group, Inc., makers of Galbani cheese, is headquartered in Buffalo, NY. They are a part of the world’s leading dairy company, Lactalis Group, which is a French family business founded in 1933 in Laval, France.

Lactalis hired Chef Marco in 2008 to be their spokesperson and demonstrate creative, simple and fun cooking tips for three national TV shows. His humorous, easy-going nature helped grow his success as a TV personality. After more than 16 years, Galbani Chef Marco continues to host the La Cucina Galbani® Cooking Stage and performs cooking demos at Italian Festivals across the country. He is the host and chef of the online Galbani Cooking Series. As Chef Marco continues to run his Restaurant and Delis, he travels the country as a Galbani brand ambassador. He has appeared on many morning shows in California, Florida, and New York and is a featured chef on numerous local TV and radio shows in Western New York.

Chef Marco’s Latest Creations

Follow Chef Marco’s culinary adventures for a delectable exploration of flavors that redefine the essence of cheese-infused delights across his social media.