Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi

Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi - Galbani Cheese

Mix ricotta, egg, flour, olive oil, 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, pepper and salt in a bowl. Knead until mixed, add spinach, and continue to knead until full blended.

Remove dough and shape into a ball on a floured surface. Cut into sections. Roll out dough into ropes, about 1/2” thick. Cut each strip into 1” pieces. Using a gnocchi board or fork, roll each piece to make the ridges.

Refrigerate until ready to cook or freeze for later use.

Cook gnocchi in boiling water for about 2 minutes, remove and drain. In a saucepan heat tomato sauce, stir in basil.

Spoon ricotta gnocchi into pasta bowls and top with sauce. Finish with shredded mozzarella and grated Parmesan.

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