With its magnificent montage of historic cityscapes, quaint villages, cultural masterpieces, and sensational cuisine, Toscana satisfies the soul. There is no shortage of inspiration in this captivating region, which has long been a beloved muse for artists, authors, and architects alike. The birthplace of Leonardo di Vinci, Michelangelo, Gucci, Carrara marble, and Chianti, Toscana is an epic example of cultural sophistication.

Bistecca Caprese alla Toscana Recipe
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Toscana’s illustrious wine history began in the 1700s and is best known for its Classico Chianti. Each vineyard boasts its own approach to the legendary wine, which is made from a lively blend of three locally grown grape varieties. Travelers take great pleasure in exploring the wineries and enoteca (wine bars and shops) that pop up throughout the rolling countryside. Other regional highlights include Brunello di Montalcino, Sassicaia, and Vin Santo wines.

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A traveler’s dream destination, Toscana’s must-see sites begin with Florence’s renowned Renaissance art, featuring Brunelleschi’s architecture, Donatello’s sculptures, Masaccio’s frescoes, Botticelli’s paintings, and Michelangelo’s David (just to get you started!). And the world-class fashionistas among you will not want to miss the Gucci and Ferragamo museums and shops.

Contemporary art afficionados will also be delighted by Toscana’s unique offerings—from the landscapes of the Parco d'Arte Enzo Pazzagli in Florence to the Chianti Sculpture Park in Pievasciata, the Tarot Garden in Capalbio, and the architectural innovation of the Petra Winery in Suvereto.

For a relaxing experience, wander through the tranquil Toscana countryside with its lush rolling hills, medieval villages, and charming farmhouses. Visit Val d’Orcia, a World Heritage Site showcasing the best of rural Italy with its abbeys, castles, vineyards, and hot springs.

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Simple and hearty, Toscana’s fulfilling foods begin with high-quality ingredients and the time-honored tradition of making simple food well. Once called cucina povera (poor cooking), this economical approach to cooking is still used today. Crostini di figato (chicken liver pate) and fettunta (grilled bread) are popular local starters. For soups or sides, you’ll want to become a mangiafagioli (bean eater), as Cannellini beans are abundant throughout the region.

If you’re a fan of black and white truffles, you’re in luck because these coveted and rare culinary delights are found growing in the hills of Toscana. So, treat yourself to a dish of tagliatelle al tartufo (pasta with truffle sauce). Another favorite for the main course is bistecca (steak) made from locally bred cattle. And if you’re looking to get a little wild, check out regional dishes made with cinghiale (wild boar) or other game.

When you accompany the fettunta, cannellini, or bistecca with the clean, milky flavor of Galbani® Fresh Mozzarella, you get a culinary experience that’s unforgettable.

Bistecca Caprese alla Toscana

A summery twist on a hearty tradition, this caprese-topped bistecca is paired with the region’s popular Chianti to celebrate Toscana’s storied past and lasting impact on today’s culinary trends.


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