Just off the toe of Italy’s boot lies the stunning and spirited island of Sicilia. Born from a blend of cultures, Sicilia amplifies the senses with aromatic wines, colorful markets, and flavorful cuisine. Its communities are a joy to experience, and its animated people are a delight to meet. Join in the fun of a street card game or linger over an unforgettable meal. Lift your soul by the sea or take in a wealth of historic treasures. In the land of “eternal summer,” anything is possible.

Classic Caponata Siciliana Recipe
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Ruby-red Marsala is Sicilia’s most famous and highly acclaimed wine. Produced from Perricone, Calabrese, and Nerello Mascalese red grapes, its heightened aroma is complemented by touches of roasted hazelnuts, vanilla, and burnt honey.

Other impressive Sicilian wines include Zibibbo, Grillo, Cataratto. You can also sweeten up your trip with a trendy dessert wine, such as Malvasia delle Lipari, which is made from seaside vineyards on Sicilia’s volcanic archipelago island of Lipari.

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In the happy hubbub of Palermo, Sicilia’s capital, you’ll be highly entertained by the cheerful commotion of the neighborhoods and kaleidoscope of color in outdoor markets teeming with fresh foods. In the midst of this lies an abundance of historical riches and priceless works of art.

You’ll devour the decadent Palazzo dei Normanni (Royal Palace of Palermo), the oldest royal residence in Europe. Adorned with golden mosaics and elaborate marble decor, it is also known for the famous Crown of Constance of Aragon, which is said to feature a special gemstone with protective powers.

Another legendary stop is Siracusa, home to the mythical Arethusa’s Spring and 6th century Temple of Apollo. Walk along the waterfront promenade, visit the monumental Duomo di Siracusa, and shoot over to the amazing Archeological Park. Follow it up with a trip to the caves and catacombs of Ragusa and a scenic railway ride up the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna.

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Sicilian cuisine is as colorful as its people. From the boisterous markets to the ancient villages, you’ll find the highly nutritious and equally delicious Sicilian blood oranges. The super-juicy prickly pear fruit is another favorite enjoyed fresh or in jam and candied fruit.

For the hungry traveler, Sicilia’s caponata, pane e panelle (chickpea fritters), and pasta alla Norma (“magnificent” pasta with eggplant) will satisfy your cravings. If you walk the streets of Palermo, you’ll also find the popular street food pani c’a meusa (bread with organ meat), which may be an acquired taste! When you return home, try your hand at making Sicilia’s famous arancini (fried rice balls) with Galbani® Fresh Mozzarella.

For a great snack, try the colorful, nutty Bronte pistachios alone or in a variety of tempting desserts. Lastly, the artisan chocolate from Modica is unlike anything else in the world. Made from high-quality ingredients and centuries of carefully honed craftsmanship, try Modica chocolate with cinnamon, vanilla, or chili flavors. If you go home without some for family and friends, you might as well just come back!

Classic Caponata Siciliana

The healthy harvest of flavors in this Classic Caponata represents so much of what Sicilia has to offer—from fresh produce to Italian herbs. When you top it with cubes of Galbani Fresh Mozzarella, you experience authentic Italian tradition at its finest.


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