Helpful Tips

With Galbani®, everyone can enjoy true Italian taste

Cooking Tips

The cream/ricotta swap

Ricotta can be a delicious, lower-fat alternative to the heavy whipping cream used in recipes like pasta carbonara. It’s also a great compliment to decadent-tasting desserts. Simply drizzle honey on top and dip strawberries in it for a decadent creamy taste.

The snack-cheese sneak

String and Stick cheeses are great to complement your lunch or to snack on in the afternoon. But snack cheese can also help you keep your portions in check while preparing dinner. Each snack cheese is 100 calories or less, so next time consider melting a cheddar cheese stick on your baked potato or chopping a mozzarella string cheese to put in your salad.

Serving Tips

Wining & dining

Highlight the taste and texture of Galbani® fresh mozzarella by pairing dishes with a light red such as Beaujolais nouveau, or lively white such as sauvignon blanc. For dishes featuring the creamy flavor of Galbani® mascarpone, sip a sweet moscato, or a fruity, light-to-medium-bodied dessert wine.

Let them eat bread

Showcase the deliciousness of your Galbani® cheeses by pairing them with breads and crackers. Try multigrain bread with a warm slice of mozzarella or add sea salt crackers to your cheese platter. Just avoid breads or crackers that are too flavorful as they can overpower the true Italian flavor of the cheese.

Timing is everything

The most mouth-watering flavor comes from cheese at room temperature. For the softest texture and fullest taste, take cheese out of the fridge approximately an hour before serving, depending on the density of the cheese.

Storing Tips

Eat up

Cheese tastes best when it’s at its freshest. For maximum freshness, use cheese within three to five days after opening.

Refrigerator ready

Wrap up opened cheese to avoid getting dried out or picking up odors. Double-wrap stronger cheeses, such as Parmesan, and store separately in an airtight container. Avoid storing cheeses in the refrigerator door where the temperature is less stable. Store it in the refrigerator drawer for best results.

Waste not, want not

Many hard cheeses can be frozen if wrapped in airtight/moisture proof wrapping and thawed in the fridge before eating. You can also shred it before freezing and take the amount you need instead of a big block.

Snack cheeses on-the-go

Snack cheese sticks will stay fresh for a few hours after taking them out. Even when slightly soft, they taste delicious. Any longer than that, we recommend a small cooler.

The fresh mozzarella advantage

Fresh mozzarella has a creamy, subtle flavor; whiter color; softer consistency; and higher moisture content. The soft texture and subtle flavor make it ideal for use in salads.

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