You Gotta!

Ricotta Lemon Ice Cream


  • 35 oz. Galbani® Ricotta cheese
  • 1 jar lemon curd
  • 2 cups meringue nests, crushed
  • fresh raspberries and/or blackberries
  • sugar, as desired
  • 4 whole meringue nests


  • Everyone is sure to leave enough room for this delicious frozen treat. The subtle hint of lemon in combination of the sweet taste of the mixed berries and slight savory taste of the ricotta cheese will have everyone asking for more.
  • Mix lemon curd, crushed meringue and cups of ricotta thoroughly, and freeze in individual ramekins or dishes.
  • Garnish simply with the fresh berries, or puree some fresh raspberries with a little sugar and drizzle around the ice cream.
  • Top each dish with a single meringue and serve.
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Ricotta Bowl